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Corporate Training Solutions supported with Content | Technology Platform

E2 Technology Platform for Corporates

Engagement- Enhancement platform enabling companies to organize, conduct, manage, monitor and measure multiple formats as vendor meets, dealer meets, employee training, influencer connect programs, scheme launch, product launch etc. in a more professional and structured way.
It is a flexible & modular system that can seamlessly integrate into the current system leading to improved efficiency, higher productivity and reduced operational costs.
Data-driven approach with data security, real-time monitoring, measurement and feedback mechanism.

Retail Training Solutions

Buiz- Solutions retail training modules are plug & play training easy-to-use modules created by a team of experts, with experience in more than 25 industries.

Buiz- Solutions training programs extend to a blue-collar workforce where hands-on industry and domain-specific training modules are developed


We follow a holistic techno-consulting mode in offering bespoke training needs

Thus, with our tools & resources, we can make an ideal partner for companies to construct and implement new-age engagement & training programs


Retail Training Solutions

Industry Specific Sales & Marketing Training
Marketing & Sales training new entrants to the industry

A complete introductory and quick glance through the marketing and sales domain specific to an industry

E-Commerce Training
E-Commerce Marketers

Holistic training on E-Commerce covering platform understanding, pricing, performance marketing and all other technicals

Distributor Training
Training for distributors

We cover all aspects distributorship management

Digital Marketing Training
Training for all marketers

Get the basic digital marketing concepts and strategy guidelines

DSR Training
Training for DIstributor-Sales-Representatives

Increase the productivity of frontliners of distributors

Sales Training
Comprehensive training for sales team

Training covers all aspects of sales - customer management, negotiation skills, soft-skill training, presentation skills, team management, distributor management etc.

Innovative Proprietary Technology


Content Creation: Expertise in content creation for training in the domain of Marketing & Sales covering major industries.

100% automated, intuitive format 

Hign-end security and privacy features

Operations: Achieve accelerated speed and real-time implementation with the scope of scalability and quick modifications. Seamless integration into the current system. All of this resulting in reduced cost of operations.

Content Management & Delivery Mechanism: Accuracy and transparency in content & delivery.  Uniform, standardized or customized content & delivery based on TG requirements. High-end security features and privacy options.

Tracking & Monitoring: Real-time and data-driven tracking and monitoring within-built feedback mechanism 

Buiz-Solutions Techno-Consulting: Consulting and techno-support to back the seamless integration & migration with the current system without affecting the regular workflow. Management of the whole backend and training to the process owners for running the show.